D&D monsters give your hero a vast array of challenges to overcome. The sinister mind flayer is waiting patiently to eat your brains, while the gelatinous cube shambles through dungeons digesting nearly everything in its path. There's always a new threat.

  • Beholder


    One glance at a beholder is enough to assess its foul and otherworldly nature. Aggressive, hateful, and greedy, these aberrations dismiss all other creatures as lesser beings, toying with them or destroying them as they choose....

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  • Mind Flayer

    Mind Flayer

    Psionic tyrants, slavers, and interdimensional voyagers, mind flayers are insidious masterminds that harvest entire races for their own twisted ends.

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  • Dragons


    True dragons are known and feared for their predatory cunning and their magic, with the oldest dragons accounted as some of the most powerful creatures in the world.

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  • Owlbear


    The owlbear’s reputation for ferocity, aggression, stubbornness, and sheer ill temper makes it one of the most feared predators of the wild.

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  • Bulette


    Bulettes (or "land sharks") use their powerful claws to tunnel through the earth when they hunt.

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  • Rust Monster

    Rust Monster

    These strange, normally docile creatures corrode ferrous metals, then gobble up the rust they create.

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  • Gelatinous Cube

    Gelatinous Cube

    These creatures scour dungeon passages in silent, predictable patterns, leaving perfectly clean paths in their wake. They consume living tissue while leaving bones and other materials undissolved.

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  • Hill Giant

    Hill Giant

    Hill giants are selfish, dimwitted brutes that hunt, forage, and raid in constant search of food.

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  • Stone Giant

    Stone Giant

    Hill Stone giants are reclusive, quiet, and peaceful as long as they are left alone.

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  • Frost Giant

    Frost Giant

    Gigantic reavers from the freezing lands beyond civilization, frost giants are fierce, hardy warriors that survive on the spoils of their raids and pillaging.

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  • Fire Giant

    Fire Giant

    Fire giants have a fearsome reputation as soldiers and conquerors, and for their ability to burn, plunder, and destroy.

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  • Cloud Giant

    Cloud Giant

    A cloud giant earns its place in the ordning by the treasure it accumulates, the wealth it wears, and the gifts it bestows on other cloud giants.

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  • Storm Giant

    Storm Giant

    Storm giants are contemplative seers that live in places far removed from mortal civilization.

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  • Displacer Beast

    Displacer Beast

    This monstrous predator takes its name from its ability to mask itself with illusion, displacing light so that it appears to be somewhere it is not.

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  • Githyanki


    Arguably the most skilled navigators of the Astral Plane, the gaunt, yellow-skinned githyanki are the reavers of a thousand worlds.

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  • Kobold


    Kobolds are craven reptilian humanoids that worship evil dragons as demigods and serve them as minions and toadies.

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  • Kuo-Toa


    Kuo-toa are sadistic, degenerate fish-like humanoids that once inhabited the shores and islands of the surface world.

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  • Lich


    A lich is spawned when a great wizard embraces the evil state of undeath as a means of extending life beyond its mortal limits. Scheming and insane, they hunger for long-forgotten knowledge and the most terrible secrets.

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  • Slaad


    The only creatures native to the inhospitable realm of Limbo are the batrachian slaadi, which thrive in the chaotic torrent of its elements.

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  • Umber Hulk

    Umber Hulk

    An abominable horror from deep beneath the earth, an umber hulk burrows into cave complexes, dungeons, or Underdark settlements in search of food—especially the humanoid prey it craves.

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  • Yuan-ti


    Devious serpent folk devoid of compassion, yuan-ti manipulate other creatures by arousing their doubts, evoking their fears, and elevating and crushing their hopes.

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    While these are distinct and memorable monsters to the game, you'll find many more in the Monster Manual.

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