The biggest, most exciting thing about our Season 7 D&D Adventurers League adventures is that they’re designed to be run right alongside Tomb of Annihilation. DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge can be run as 5-hour adventure hook for Tomb of Annihilation that introduces the characters to Chult and her faction representatives. Later, DDAL07-02 Over the Edge sends the characters deep into the dangerous jungles! From there, the Tier 1 and 2 adventures expand on Tomb of Annihilation’s story and set the stage for Tier 3 and 4 play, which pick up right after the characters complete the hardcover adventure.

All along the way however, the DEATH CURSE looms over everything you do. Every decision you make, every battle you fight, every location you explore has the potential to end your character’s life. And if that weren’t enough, once dead, unless other heroes are successful, you’re never coming back. There is still hope however. As previously announced in the Tomb of Annihilation Primer, you can play a surrogate character whose primary goal is to finish what your dead character began in the hopes that you may yet rise again. Contained herein is a copy of the primer plus the surrogate characters that you can play, as well as a special log sheet created specifically for surrogate characters. So pull up your bootstraps and practice your Grung. The Tomb of Annihilation awaits those brave enough to seek it.

Tomb of Annihilation Primer

Surrogates Logsheet

Tomb of Annihilation Tier 1 Surrogates

Tomb of Annihilation Tier 2 Surrogates