With today’s official release of Eberron: Rising from the Last War, the countdown to the official launch of the D&D Adventurers League’s Oracle of War campaign has begun. Let’s see what the Oracle’s interpretation of the Draconic Prophecy is telling us about the future.

Campaign Launch in Two Weeks

On December 2, 2019, the first adventure in the Oracle of War campaign officially releases on the DMs Guild. This adventure, The Night Land, launches the characters on a world-spanning story. The characters begin the Tier 1 “Spoils of War” chapter of the campaign as treasure-seeking scavengers, eking out a rough living by trekking into the Mournland to find lost treasures left behind in the nation of Cyre after it was devastated on the Day of Mourning.

On the first Tuesday of each month hereafter, a new adventure will be released, and after a wildly successful preview at Gamehole Con 2019, these adventures are primed and ready to take players into the known and unknown vistas of the Eberron setting.

DDAL-EB-01 The Night Land by Shawn Merwin
A Tier 1 adventure, optimized for 1st-level characters

DDAL-EB-02 Voice in the Machine by Will Doyle
A Tier 1 adventure, optimized for 2nd-level characters

DDAL-EB-03 Where the Dead Wait by James Introcaso
A Tier 1 adventure optimized for 3rd-level characters

DDAL-EB-04 The Third Protocol by MT Black
A Tier 1 adventure optimized for 4th-level characters

Prior to release on the Dungeon Masters Guild, all Tier 1 adventures in the Oracle of War campaign, plus the Tier 1 EPIC, DDEP-EB-01 The Iron Titan, are available for preview at large- and mid-sized conventions and game days. If you would like these adventures at your show, send an email to resource@dndadventurersleague.com with the details of your event and “Eberron Adventures” in the subject line.

Tier 2 Story Preview at Winter Fantasy 2020

Winter Fantasy 2020 (running from February 5–9 in Fort Wayne, Indiana) will preview the next three adventures in the Oracle of War campaign. Here’s the Oracle’s prediction of what those adventures, comprising the Tier 2 “Fortunes of War” chapter, might entail:

DDAL-EB-05 A Century of Ashes by Bianca Bickford
A Tier 2 adventure, optimized for 5th-level characters

DDAL-EB-06 The Last Word by Anne Gregersen
A Tier 2 adventure, optimized for 6th-level characters

DDAL-EB-07 Song of the Sky by Stacey Allan
A Tier 2 adventure optimized for 7th-level characters

Want to know what happens? You’re going to have to show up to find out. Of course, you can wait for the release in the Dungeon Masters Guild. BEWARE SPOILERS ONLINE!

Salvage Bases and Salvage Missions

A frequent question voiced by players has been regarding the release rate of campaign adventures. For many players, a once-per-month campaign meets their needs. For those who want to play more often and make Oracle of War their main campaign, we offer the following solution.

The Oracle predicts that in early 2020 we’ll see on the DMs Guild a product called Oracle of War: Salvage Bases and Missions. This product provides new campaign options for both players and DMs. Here are some highlights:

Players can participate in special adventures called “salvage missions.”

While these adventures will not provide treasure or magic items, they will provide unique rewards known as “salvage.”

Build and upgrade a custom Salvage Base on the edge of the Mournland.

These salvage bases won’t just be usable in salvage missions, they’ll also become important in the Oracle of War’s Core Storyline adventures as well. Salvage base upgrades provide downtime activities and boons that can aid scavengers in all their adventures.

Create your own salvage missions.

The product contains several premade salvage missions. In addition, DMs can use the guidance provided to create custom salvage missions: bringing their own creativity and personalized storylines to their Oracle of War campaigns. DMs can run their own salvage missions at conventions and game stores without needing approval from campaign staff.

Level up if you fall behind.

Salvage missions also act as a means for players who have fallen behind in terms of character level to easily catch up to others. Characters completing a salvage mission can choose to gain a level as a reward if they need to catch up with other characters in the group.

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