Once more, Unearthed Arcana takes a look at some of the popular releases on the DMs Guild, and highlights a couple of nifty new offerings for your campaign.

Darker Gifts

Written by Igor Moreno, illustrated by Brian Lee and Michael Wolmarans, published by Flying Ape

If you’re running the Curse of Strahd adventure or your own Ravenloft-based campaign, Darker Gifts gives you a number of nifty curses to levy on characters who have died. In the current Adventurers League season, characters below 5th level who die can return to life with one of four curses. Darker Gifts expands that list with sixteen additional options.

The fun part of this list is that many of the curses feel truly horrific. For instance, one curse causes a character’s mouth to become sewn shut. A spellcaster who needs to use verbal components is out of luck—though at the cost of a few points of damage, you can tear the sutures out and speak for 1 round.

Druid Circles

Published by Stray Chow Chow

Purely by chance, we haven’t featured any new druid class options since the release of fifth edition D&D. Well, Stray Chow Chow (and is that the publisher’s name, or the designer’s name, or are we perhaps dealing with the dog world’s foremost DMs Guild contributor?) has cooked up three different druid options for your use.

The circle of the deathbloom focuses on druids who respect the natural cycle of life, death, and decay. They can take on the form of fungi, and can use their magic to cause slain enemies to rapidly decay and unleash beneficial power.

The circle of the fountain is a conclave of druids who maintain and protect a fountain-of-youth-style artifact. They are excellent healers, as one would expect, and have the ability to infuse their magic into healing draughts.

The circle of the beast brings back the idea of the druid’s animal companion. This circle allows you to gain a beast companion and augment its abilities as you gain levels.

All three of these offerings are compact and clear—the kind of thing you can print out and tuck into your Player’s Handbook. Best of all, they also hit one of the most important notes for designing class options. Each new circle has a clear place in the world, with a distinct identity that allows it to stand out when placed alongside other druid options. So if the druid lover in your group is looking for some new options, these three are definitely a great place to start.