D&D Virtual Play Weekends

The success of virtual play offerings at events such as D&D Live and D&D Celebration has shown a desire for more opportunities to share our love for all things Dungeons & Dragons. As we continue to evolve how we connect with one another, we’re excited to announce a new program for players worldwide to play D&D together on a regular basis.

D&D Virtual Play Weekends is a monthly program that serves as a “mini-convention” for D&D tabletop play. We’ve partnered with our premier event organizer Baldman Games to bring this program to you!

Connect with your friends around the world and play D&D with some of the best Dungeon Masters anywhere. Bring your favorite D&D Adventurers League characters to play debut content, all from the comforts of your own home. And we have more features planned—stay tuned!

Event Features

Each month, D&D Virtual Play Weekends will feature the following:

  • Monthly D&D tabletop play, starting on Fridays and ending on Sundays
  • New D&D Adventurers League adventures—play them here first!
  • Dungeon Masters can submit and run their adventures outside of D&D Adventurers League
  • Ticketing and registration through the Yawning Portal
  • Organization and table assignments powered by Baldman Games’ Discord
  • Play with some of the best Dungeon Masters around!

Helpful Links and Other Information

Player and General Event Information: http://baldmangames.com/virtual-dd-weekends

DM Information: http://heraldsguild.com/virtual-dd-weekends

Registration: The Yawning Portal

Most games are two or four hours long—time slots may be longer to account for the virtual play format or if games run a little over on time.

All Dungeon Masters are vetted and approved by Baldman Games. If you signup to be a Dungeon Master for D&D Adventurers League games, you can also submit your own D&D adventures for play! Future events will open DM-submitted adventures for other DMs. Dungeon Masters are compensated by Baldman Games through sales of tickets at their table.