An early look inside WizKids Elemental Evil miniatures boosters.

A chimera combines the worst aspects of its three parts. Its dragon head drives it to raid, plunder, and accumulate a great hoard. Its leonine nature compels it to hunt and kill powerful creatures that threaten its territory. Its goat head grants it a vicious, stubborn streak that compels it to fight to the death.

As described in the fifth edition Monster Manual, chimeras were created after mortals summoned Demogorgon to the world. The Prince of Demons, unimpressed with the creatures that surrounded it, transformed them into horrific, multi-headed monstrosities. This act gave rise to the first chimeras. This is, naturally, a slight departure from the chimera’s Greek mythological origins as offspring of Echidna, the “Mother of All Monsters” (undoubtedly a powerful villain herself, if created for your own games…).

With WizKids forthcoming miniatures, the chimera joins rank with the set’s vile creatures—including the ettin, ogre, and fellow chimeric monstrosity, the owl bear!