The Practically Complete
Guide to Dragons

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The ultimate dragon lover’s guide.

Explore the magical world of dragons.

Lavishly illustrated and carefully detailed, The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons invites D&D fans of all ages into the magical world of dragons. Where do black dragons incubate their eggs? How large is a baby dragon? Find all the answers you seek – and more – in the wizard Sindri Suncatcher’s personal notebooks, packed with meticulous research and wondrous insights. With every turn of the page, let your imagination soar as you uncover majestic art, undiscovered lore, and other mystical secrets. An enhanced edition of The New York Times bestseller A Practical Guide to Dragons, this book captures all the wonder and awe of D&D’s most revered creatures. Whether you’re a Dungeon Master looking to enrich your D&D campaigns or a fantasy lover in search of a new adventure, you’ll be sure to find something to spark your imagination in this marvelous and comprehensive guide.

Part field guide, part illustrated storybook, A Practically Complete Guide to Dragons is an invaluable resource for D&D fans and dragon lovers of all ages. Hear from the experts about the types of dragons you’ll encounter as you play.

Taken from the wizard Sindri Suncatcher’s personal notebooks, this book entrusts readers with the mystical secrets of D&D’s most revered creatures. Discover where a black dragon incubates its eggs, experience the magic of a copper dragon’s lair, learn the language of dragons, and more!

Featuring astounding heights and hidden wonders, the marvelous world of dragons is for everyone to explore, regardless of whether they’ve played D&D before. Delight young dragon enthusiasts and inspire a lifelong love of adventure with this magical book.

Both new and experienced Dungeon Masters will uncover a wealth of knowledge in this extensively researched guide. Every page is filled with extraordinary dragon lore that Dungeon Masters can use to enrich their D&D campaigns.

In this carefully detailed tome, behold magnificent dragon art drawn by some of the most beloved fantasy artists of today. Turn the page and let your imagination soar as you marvel at the majesty of these winged beasts.


Peril in Pinebrook is an introductory Dungeons & Dragons (also known as D&D) adventure inspired by The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons. It’s perfect for new and younger players, but can be enjoyed by players of all ages! It’s the perfect place to learn how to play D&D and become a Dungeon Master! Best of all, you can download Peril in Pinebrook for free.

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22nd August, 2023



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The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons

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