Dungeons & Dragons in Brazil

Expanding Dungeons & Dragons

March 16th, 2022

Publications of the world's greatest role-playing game will be released with localization for Portuguese.

Wizards of the Coast is excited to publish Dungeons & Dragons in Brazil in 2022 and beyond. They will continue to release localized D&D publications for Brazilian Portuguese and will provide details on product release dates shortly.

Starting in the second half of 2022, the launch of core rule books are confirmed, such as the Player’s Handbook (Livro do Jogador), Dungeon Master’s Guide (Livro do Mestre) and Monster Manual (Livro dos Monstros) and some supplements for the first time in Brazilian Portuguese. In addition, products for beginners, such as the Essentials Kit and a revamped Starter Kit.

“This announcement is extremely important for the Brazilian D&D community, which has been following Dungeons & Dragons for decades,” celebrates Reynaldo Barbella, head LATAM from Wizards of the Coast. “D&D fans in Brazil can be sure that we will be listening to them, providing all the necessary support, and working to offer new localized content. In addition to the core rulebooks, we will launch new and localized products throughout the second half of 2022.”

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