Minsc & Boo

Legends & Lore

“Where goes the stench of evil, so goes the cleansing wind of Minsc and Boo!” —Minsc

Find in Baldur's Gate


Minsc is a bald, purple-tattooed ranger and a source of comic relief. His loyal companion is a miniature giant space hamster (a.k.a., a regular hamster) known as Boo, who doesn’t talk. Minsc hails from Rashemen, Boo from Wildspace. Both became fixtures in Baldur’s Gate—literally.

After defeating evil forces threatening Baldur’s Gate, Minsc and Boo allowed themselves to be petrified and placed in the middle of a market square in the Upper City—until such time as heroes were needed once more. While they were statues, Minsc and Boo didn’t age. After being struck by wild magic, Minsc and Boo reverted to flesh and resumed their heroic ways.

They are currently members of an adventuring party called the Heroes of Baldur’s Gate. This group has traveled up and down the Sword Coast, and even traveled to Ravenloft and the Nine Hells.


Minsc was dedicated to the protection of his traveling companion, the wizard Dynaheir. He believed her to be a brilliant woman who would lead him to great glory.

After Dynaheir's passing, Minsc went on to form close friendships with other mages, including the wild mage Neera and the elven sorceress Delina. Minsc even found himself an archenemy in Krigar the Courageous, an oni mage that masqueraded as a competing hero in Baldur's Gate.

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