We are looking forward to spending time with the awesome D&D community around the country this year.

From the very beginning, Dungeons & Dragons players have traveled in droves to spend fantastic weekends together gaming at conventions. Hundreds of thousands of gamers participate in the myriad conventions each year and the numbers just keep growing.

In 2017, D&D is returning to officially support an eclectic mix of conventions around the country. We have great unique adventures ready to play with you and are excited to hear your questions in person instead of just on Twitter or Reddit. We’ll be running games, participating as panelists, and just hanging out talking to fans, so there will be ample opportunity to hear directly from the folks who make Dungeons & Dragons.

Many of these conventions will have a special event and/or exclusive adventure, so if you’re interested in unique D&D Adventurers League play, these events are the place to be!

Here’s a list of the conventions we’ll be attending in 2017 and a basic idea of what you can expect at each one:

PAX South

January 27-29
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
900 E Market St.
San Antonio, TX

Chris Perkins and Trevor Kidd will be at PAX South at the end of this month. Chris will have the honor of delivering the key note Story Time with Chris Perkins on Friday morning, as well as stepping onto the main stage to serve as Dungeon Master for Acquisitions Incorporated, live for the first time from sunny San Antonio. 

Winter Fantasy

February 1-5
Grand Wayne Convention Center
120 West Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN

Chris Lindsay will be returning to Fort Wayne for Winter Fantasy and will be available to speak about the D&D Adventurers League and Dungeon Masters Guild. We will debut a brand-new D&D Adventurers League EPIC by Will Doyle here, giving attendees the first chance to overcome new challenges and collect loot. Chris will be running unique D&D Adventurers League sessions with loot and magic items you can’t get anywhere else.

Emerald City Comicon

March 2-5
WA State Convention Center
705 Pike St.
Seattle, WA

Look for Jeremy Crawford and Chris Perkins on the Tears of Siberys-Eberron from Inception to Livestream panel, at Emerald City Comicon. Jeremy will also be one of the special guests at Patrick Rothfuss' Worldbuilders Party.

PAX East

March 10-12
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street
Boston, MA

Chris Perkins and Greg Tito will be in Boston at PAX East again this year. Chris will serve as Dungeon Master for another Acquisitions Incorporated live show with Mike, Jerry, Pat and special guest!

Gary Con

March 23-26
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
7036 Grand Geneva Way
Lake Geneva, WI

We’re heading back to Gary Con in Lake Geneva again this year! Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsay will be panelists in a discussion of D&D Across the Editions. Mike Mearls will be DMing a celebrity game using his Greyhawk house rules for 5e in one of the deadliest dungeons he’s run in his personal campaign: the dreaded Path of Blades. Mearls will also run a home brew horror RPG based on the Avalon Hill board game Betrayal at House on the Hill. Chris Lindsay will head up a host of Dungeon Masters as we present the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and the Tomb of Horrors as competitive events for the first time in decades. Also, don’t miss the EPIC designed by Chris Lindsay, featuring the Keep on the Borderlands.


March 30 - Apr 2
Red Lion Jantzen Beach
909 N Hayden Island Dr, Portland, OR

Jeremy Crawford will be attending as one of the two guests of honor at this convention at GameStorm. He will be running D&D and talking on panels, including a Meet the Sage session.


June 14-18
Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 N High Street
Columbus, OH

Chris Lindsay, Chris Perkins, and Trevor Kidd will be returning to Origins for the D&D tabletop gaming event of the year: The D&D Open. Bring your favorite Adventurers League character and risk life and limb to bring glory upon your adventuring party. We’ll also have D&D board game tournaments, exclusive DMs Guild panels, exclusive Origins swag, and even more!

PAX West

September 1-4
Washington State Convention Center
800 Convention Place
Seattle, WA

Chris Perkins, Jeremy Crawford, Trevor Kidd, and many more folks from the Dungeons & Dragons team will be at PAX West. Chris will be on panels and serving as Dungeon Master for the live Acquisitions Incorporated game with Jerry, Mike, Pat and special guest. Also look for Jeremy at a Meet the Sage session, fielding your questions for Sage Advice.


September 9-10
Rhode Island Convention Center & Dunkin Donuts Center
1 La Salle Square & 1 Sabin St
Providence, RI

Join us in Providence for the debut of HASCON, a new convention event in September focusing on all of Hasbro’s brands including Transformers, My Little Pony, Magic: the Gathering and, of course, Dungeons & Dragons! You will get to peek behind the curtain of our characters and stories through interactive experiences, exclusive products, talent appearances, panels and much more.

Gamehole Con

November 2-5
Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall
1919 Alliant Energy Center Way
Madison, WI

Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford and Chris Lindsay will return to the Midwest in November for Gamehole Con in Madison. They'll be attending panels, serving as Dungeon Masters in unique Adventurers League scenarios, and hanging out and answering any questions you might have.


As we get closer to each event, be sure to check the D&D Twitter account, our Facebook page, or Dragon+ for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!