I’m excited to make some very important announcements regarding the administrative staff of the D&D Adventurers League. First off, Bill Benham has left the admin team to assume a new role as Associate Producer on the D&D team at Wizards of the Coast!


As you may guess, this left a hole in our SUPER SQUAD… and afforded me the opportunity to see if anyone wanted to shift around a bit with regards to their role on the team. So, with that in mind, allow me to introduce our TEAM of ALLSTAR ADMINS!!!


Moving over TO Resource Management FROM Content Management and Community Management respectively are Claire Hoffman and Alan Patrick. Among a great many other things, these two will be working together to perform AMAZING feats of content development scheduling, process management, and premiere event facilitation.

To make ALL the adventure content happen for our FANTASTICAL FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign, I am pleased to announce that Travis Woodall remains, and is joined in this role by none other than Greg Marks. Both are experienced content creators themselves and will continue the remarkable tradition of curating and developing great adventures that enhance the play experience you have with our annual hardcover adventure release.

AT LAST, we have Community Managers Lysa Chen and Amy Lynn Dzura to help you navigate your way into and around the D&D Adventurers League Community. They’re happy to help you find ALL the BEST conventions and events to attend, as well as provide insight into how the D&D Adventurers League works. A special note to all showrunners and event organizers out there—moving forward Lysa and Amy will be screening all event support requests to ensure that those we support will provide a SAFE SPACE to play, for ANY and ALL fans of the game.

As always, I’ll be lurking in the background, supporting the admins, helping to create the D&D products you love, and developing FUTURE programming and events for you to enjoy!


—Chris Lindsay
Head Dungeon Master and Master Raconteur