Nothing brings a team together like a lovely romp through the Shadowfell, especially when it's mostly residents of the Nine Hells.  Join our team of devilish misfits as they attempt to save the Material Plane from destruction so that they can continue to plot out its destruction in peace. Wait…

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-Neil Martin (@BardicMartin) of "The Lucky Die" for the theme song

-"Dragon and Toast,” “Spacial Harvest,” “Long Note One,” “Long Note Four,” “Ossuary 6 - Air,” “Black Vortex,” “The Descent,” “Zombie Chase,” “Lightless Dawn,” “All This,” “Quinns Song-First Night,” “Interloper,” “Very Low Note,” “Medusa,” “Corruption,” “Lasting Hope”

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Taking Initiative is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual-play podcast from The Spark Network. Gameplay is primarily centered around the storytelling and role-playing, but it certainly doesn't shy away from the humor, both in and out of game. The DM and players range from beginners to veterans, giving it a wide spectrum for both the group and its audience. Come for the people, stay for the story. The current campaign takes place in the "Curse of Strahd" module, much to the surprise (and dismay) of the players.