Xaddi, a Githzerai Paladin, seeks to satisfy their oath to destroy Kerthewzaa, a Githyanki solider and former lover. Xaddi has tracked Kerthewzaa between worlds and calls to allies Mykis and Seelance in an effort to end Kerthewzaa’s mysterious play for power.

The RPG Academy has been teaching GMs and players the how-tos of gaming for six years. The Academy is built on 3 pillars: Educating listeners on how to play RPGs and improve their skills; Inspiring listeners to pick up the mantel of being a GM for the first time; and Entertaining listeners through the entire process. The Academy does all of this across a wide variety of podcasts, ranging from Actual Plays of a multitude of tabletop games to Faculty Meetings that discuss the craft of playing games to Detentions where things get more than a little silly. Most importantly, The RPG Academy is built on a principle of inclusion at the gaming table, as is best demonstrated with its motto: If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!