The Justice Crew must save the high-elven town of Alyabel from a planar experiment gone wrong; with their lives and the promise of a pet goat on the line. To defeat the fiendish creatures they face, the party must use everything at their disposal: grenades, polymorphing, far too many caltrops, and pushing buttons—for justice. 

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DnD RAW is party of friends who mostly follow rules as written (RAW) for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with unearthed arcana material. Our mystery-themed actual play podcast, Orinthal, takes place in in our homebrew world of Austea, where the party uncovers the machinations of a powerful and sinister organization. On our second show, Rules As Written, we are joined by some of our favorite podcasters as we debate and discuss rules in our endless quest to push the game to its limits.