Sized and formatted for ready use with our form-fillable character sheets.

We are pleased to offer a collection of portraits that you can use to visualize and represent your character. This first set of profiles comes from Storm King’s Thunder; while they originally represented the campaign’s array of NPCs, their images can also be used to illustrate your character as well!

Look for more character portraits to be added later.

These portraits are formatted to fit within the fifth edition form-fillable character sheets. Full instructions on adding them to your sheet are as follows:

  1. Download the character portraits (file located below), and extract the files to your local machine.
  2. Open a fifth edition form-fillable character sheet (file also located below), and click within the Character Appearance section.
  3. The Select Icon dialog box will appear; in the File field, click Browse and navigate to where you have placed the character portraits on your machine.
  4. You may need to change the File Format dropdown in the dialog box, from Adobe PDF Files (*.pdf) to PNG (*.png).
  5. The character portraits should now appear. Select the portraits of your choice, and click Open. In the Select Icon dialog box, you should now see this portrait. Click OK.
  6. You should now see this portrait added to the Character Appearance section of your character sheet. Enjoy!

Form-Fillable Character Sheet

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Portraits: Storm King’s Thunder

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