Current Cast Members

LaTia Jacquise - D'Hani Lai (Aracokra Monk)

LaTia Jacquise is a Chicagoland native who has always been a gamer in some form or another. Her rediscovery of Dungeons and Dragons five years ago began a whirlwind journey through the TTRPG industry that so far shows no signs of stopping. As a freelance writer she has contributed to adventures on D&D Beyond and DMsGuild, and her experiences as a convention Dungeon Master made her a strong advocate for building inclusive, diverse, and welcoming communities, as shown by her former work as a Community Manager for the D&D Adventurers League, and in her current role as the Community Relations Coordinator for Monte Cook Games.  LaTia joined the cast of Rivals of Waterdeep as a guest at their C2E2 Live Show during Season 6, where she also became a permanent cast member. Her character D'hani is an Aarakocra Kensei Monk who joined the Rivals when she was asked to spy on them during one of their missions, and just... never left. She likes it better with them, anyway.

Download her character art HERE.

Tanya DePass - Selise Astorio (Human Blood Hunter/Oath Breaker Paladin)

Tanya DePass is a lifelong Chicagoan who loves everything about gaming, #INeedDiverseGames spawn point, and wants to make it better and more inclusive for everyone. Tanya is the Diversity Liaison & Programming Coordinator for GaymerX and OrcaCon; she often speaks on issues of diversity, feminism, race, intersectionality & other topics at conventions. She’s also part of Rivals of Waterdeep, a Dungeons & Dragons show on that features all POC and some LGBTQIA cast members. Her writing appears in Uncanny Magazine, Polygon, Waypoint, Vice Gaming, Wiscon Chronicles, Paste Games, and other publications.

Download her character art HERE.

Masood Haque (Rock Gnome Druid)

Masood Haque (he/him/his) is a comedian, actor, writer, and nerd based in Chicago. He completed the Bob Curry Fellowship, a program partnered by NBC and Second City. He has also graduated from Second City's Advanced Directing Program, been a member of their House Ensemble team Honor Roll, and completed iO's Pool program. Masood is a founding member of the comedy troupe Club Asia, performs regularly with Stir-Friday Night, and has lent his voice to various VO projects. He has also filmed multiple projects with Weird Life Productions, has been a witch on the critically acclaimed web series Brujos, and is online playing tabletop role-playing games—particularly with Rivals of Waterdeep and Indoor Recess.

Download his character art HERE.

Shareef Jackson (Tiefling Celestial Warlock)

As the founder of the math and physics tutoring service Math Looks Good LLC, Shareef’s culturally relevant communication style helps break down science, gaming, and math in a way that the average person can understand and appreciate. In addition to being a business owner, Shareef is an adjunct professor of video games and learning and a licensed substitute math teacher. His views on science and technology have been featured on sources such as the New York Times, NPR, Wisconsin Public Radio, Scientific American, and MacLean's. He highlights issues of gender and race on his YouTube series at Gaming Looks Good.

Download his character art HERE.

Eugenio Vargas (Tiefling Phantom Rogue)

Eugenio Vargas (aka DM Jazzy Hands, he/him) is a game designer, podcaster, and streamer. In the before times, he was also an actor, singer, and music director of musical theatre around the country, but while theatre is taking an extended intermission, he is thrilled to have found a new home in the gaming community. His actual play show, The Last Refuge: A D&D Podcast, started in the summer of 2017 and helped launch Eugenio into adventure design on the DMs Guild, streaming on Twitch, GMing for projects like Into the Mother Lands, and participating in events like D&D Live 2019 and D&D Celebration 2020.

Download his character art HERE.

Brian Gray - Virgil (Aasimar Storm Sorceror)

Brian Gray is a writer, gamer, foodie, broadcaster, comics lover, cocktail connoisseur, brunch aficionado and all-around nerd who resides in The Swanktuary when he's not out and about exploring or staying in and trying all things new on the internet. Until very recently, he’d been out of the loop on D&D since the Player Handbook from the early 80s. He can be found most places online as urbanbohemian.

Download his character art HERE.

    Past Cast Members

    Brandon Stennis

    Brandon Stennis is a partnered content creator on for the last 4 years. He also works as the Influencer Manager of the indie publishing company Versus Evil. Brandon has gathered quite the career in the gaming industry since 2012 and has innovated himself into a self made gaming personality. He continues to try and help other creators find their place within themselves and the gaming/streaming communities.

    Cicero Holmes

    Cicero Holmes a lifelong gamer who parlayed his love for all things tech into a 20 plus year career in Systems Administration. This Bronx-born, Long Island-raised eccentric truly marches to the beat of his own drum. A former thespian, Cicero is also credited (by him) for inventing the phrase & motion of 'popping one’s collar.' You can find Cicero every week yelling about why Chicago’s pizza is not as good as New York's.

    Carlos Luna

    Carlos Luna is the Content Producer for Roll20. He currently produces the D&D podcast/stream The Dungeon Rats and is a cast member for Rivals of Waterdeep and Jace Beleren Must Die. Carlos also produces roleplaying focus videos on his youtube channel CarlosCrits. When he’s not playing games or making videos, you can find him performing improv shows around Chicago.

    Surena Marie

    Surena Marie is an actor, and podcaster living in Chicago. She has studied and performed with The Annoyance Theater, IO Chicago, Comedy Sportz and the Musical Conservatory at Second City. Her past credits include Splatter Theater! (Annoyance), CSZ House Team, Chaos (CSZ Chicago) and Dundee: The Hip Hopera (Stage 773). You can find her voicing silly characters on the actual play podcast, The Dungeon Rats or guesting on a wide variety of TTRPG podcasts, streams and shows.