Event Details:

Dates: Dec 6-8, 2019

The Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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D&D Live Game:

Acquisitions Incorporated LIVE!

Sat, Dec 7th: 8:30-11:30PM ET (5:30-8:30PM PT)
Main Theatre

The Real Jim Darkmagic is back for the flashiest show yet! Join Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, and the team as DM Jeremy Crawford wheels and deals Acquisitions Incorporated's journey through hell.

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Acquisitions Inc.: The "C" Team Holiday Special

Sun, Dec 8th: 12:00-2:30PM ET (9:00-11:30AM PT)
Main Theatre

Imagine a crackling fire and the smell of roasting chestnuts, a frost-ring formed on the windowpane blurring the gentle snowfall outside. Curl up with a good—dare we say, Better?—show and a few treasured friends as the "C" Team takes another sleigh ride in a very special yuletide adventure.

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D&D Panels:

D&D Presents: New Show!

Fri, Dec 6th: 2:30-3:30PM ET (11:30AM-12:30PM PT)
Mothman Theatre

Wizards of the Coast is excited to announce the cast of their new livestreamed roleplaying show: D&D Presents! Led by renowned Dungeon Master (and D&D Lead Story Designer) Chris Perkins, the weekly show will premiere in early 2020, but the cast is all here to give you a sneak peek at PAX Unplugged! Perkins and the whole crew are here to reveal their characters for the first time, and might even ask you for some advice about their builds! Join us for this exciting first look, and the chance to be a part of the story. Learn More.

D&D ESP (Dungeons & Dragons en Español)

Sat, Dec 7th: 2:00-4:00PM ET

Sea español tu lenguaje natal o si buscas practicarlo entre aventureros, ¡te invitamos a unirte a una de nuestras bandas de héroes para sesiónes en español! (Habrá mecánicas entre mesas!) Learn More.

D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Tutorials w/ RealmSmith

Dates/Times Vary

Come join us as Jason from RealmSmith walks you through the steps to paint your very own D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniature! This masterclass is intended for painters of all skill levels.

D&D Play:

Dates and times vary for the following game sessions. Be sure to check the PAX Unplugged schedule for exact details.

D&D Adventurers League: Birds of a Feather (Tier 2)

The ship plaguing the Northern Moonsea region, Merchant Lords’ Folly, is unable to hide anymore. Through coercion of their best fence, its current port and owners have been located. Now is the chance to strike out, and possibly acquire both the boat and its captains: The Teshwave Siblings.

D&D Adventurers League: Day of the Devil (Tier 1)

The streets of Baldur’s Gate run red with blood. Old blood. The blood of Hellriders. Someone or something is punishing the children for the sins of the father and it’s time to put it to an end. Who and where is Gharizol? Part Three of the Betrayal is in the Blood series of adventures.

D&D Adventurers League: Escape from Elturel (Levels 1-2)

Damnation! The Companion that once stood as a beacon of hope and goodness above the city of Elturel has been extinguished and the entire city—along with its denizens—have been drawn into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells! While those fortunate enough to have been outside of the city’s walls during its departure have been spared that fate, but they’re not yet out of danger! The refugees formed a caravan bound for the nearby city of Baldur’s Gate. Can you keep them safe from devils, bandits, and one another until they reach safety?

D&D Adventurers League: Fences and Swords (Tier 2)

The Northern Moonsea region has recently been plagued by a mysterious pirate ship, which is seemingly able to appear without warning and then simply vanish. Instilling fear, and beginning to impact trade, those with vested interests in the area need this thorn removed from their sides. First, however, they must first discover where the mysterious ship calls home.

D&D Adventurers League: Hungry Shadows (Tier 1)

Bodies continue pile up, and the Flaming Fist still has nothing but a name. Thankfully, the perpetrator of the murders has slipped up and the Flaming Fist has captured one of their underlings, in turn, has revealed the presence of a cult hideout in the sewers beneath the city. The Flaming Fist has asked that you investigate. Are you up for the task? Part Two of the Betrayal is in the Blood series of adventures.

D&D Adventurers League: Impression Left Behind (Tier 3)

Elanil Elassidil’s successful recovery brings dire news, and only enough to raise the fears of all. On the urgent request of the factions, a covert raid party must be sent in to secure as much knowledge as possible, and destroy whatever schemes lie below.

D&D Adventurers League: Infernal Pursuits

A horse race in Baldur’s Gate becomes a hellish battle on infernal war machines in Avernus when the characters get caught between an evil merchant and his warlord rival. Time to hang on for dear life!

D&D Adventurers League: Into the Darkness (Tier 3)

As Faerûn recovers from the demon threat, a prominent leader goes missing. Is this a simple rescue mission, or is there more at stake?

D&D Adventurers League: Stopped at the Gate (Tier 1)

It’s been a long, arduous trip, but you’re finally here—Baldur’s Gate. You’re not out of peril yet, however, even if you’re leaving the lawless wilds behind you, the streets of the Gate still run red with blood. But you quickly find that arriving at the city wasn’t the biggest challenge at all, now you must convince the city’s rulers to grant asylum to you and those in your charge. Part One of the Betrayal is in the Blood series of adventures.

D&D Acq Inc: Franchise Fracas (Tier 1)

Here’s your best (and only) chance for the opportunity of a lifetime! Acquisitions Incorporated has room for one new franchise in the dungeoneering boomtown of Delver’s Run. How will you impress Head Office and topple your rivals in this multi-table event?

D&D Acq Inc: Insider Dealing (Tier 1)

Acquisitions Incorporated has identified an excellent new expansion opportunity. A local noblewoman is looking to outsource her family’s stewardship of the lands around Delver’s Run. Taxation being a highly lucrative business, Home Office has sent a team of interns to win that contractby any means necessary.

D&D Acq Inc: A Night at the Theater (Tier 1)

Omin Dran has learned of Portentia Dran’s diabolical scheme to taint the name and reputation of Acquisitions Incorporateda play which is to be performed at Portentia’s conference for new, potential, and repeat customers she calls DranFest. It’s up to our heroic Interns to stop Portentia’s plans and save the name of Acquisitions Incorporated.

D&D Acq Inc: Orientation Week (Levels 1-2)

An internship at Acquisitions Incorporated is a great way to gain power, prestige and profit! Many AI interns go on to amazing careers as leaders in the adventuring community, and could position you to lead your own franchise within the AI family! But you’re not an intern yet! Each prospective intern must first complete a week of orientation training to ensure that Acquisitions Incorporated is the right fit for you!

D&D Acq Inc: Pound of Flesh (Tier 1)

A follow up experience to D&D Acq Inc: The Side Hustle.

D&D Acq Inc: Side Hustle (Tier 1)

The city of Waterdeep is a hub for adventure and commerce alike, and wide-eyed would-be heroes swarm its streets in search of fortune and fame. Those adventurers all know that there is no quicker path to both those things than a prestigious internship at Acquisitions Incorporated. So how can one group of plucky entrepreneurs distinguish themselves from all the rest…?

D&D Acq Inc: The Silver Star (Tier 1)

A member of the Silver Sliver has been appointed as interim sheriff of the small boomtown of Delver’s Run, and his openly anti-mercantile views are already making business difficult. The home office is concerned, and has informed its local branch that they have only one week to deal with the situation before the town council meets and makes the appointment permanent.

D&D 5E Team Deathmatch

Join us for fast, deadly PvP (Party vs. Party) Action for this 5th Edition Team Deathmatch! Create your party of four 3rd level characters then bring them to clash with other groups. Prizes for participating and the last team standing!