The first video highlight from our PAX East Live D&D Game, leading up to PAX Prime in Seattle.

Did you miss the 2014 PAX East Live D&D Game? Looking for a quick recap to prepare for the PAX Prime game? Look no further! In this first episode we see what the Acquisitions Inc. crew has been up to since saving the city of Waterdeep from becoming the Terrasque's new playground.

Then catch the exciting conclusion during the Acquistions Inc. game streaming live from PAX Prime 2014!


Omin Dran: Played by Jerry Holkins
Jim Darkmagic: Played by Mike Krahulik
Binwin Bronzebottom: Played by Scott Kurtz
Môrgæn: Played by Morgan Webb
The Dungeon Master: Played by Chris Perkins
Intro Voiceover: Kris Straub



PAX East 2014

Acquisitions Inc. Highlights: Part 1