About Monsters and Fables

Merging the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and classic fairy tales, Monsters and Fables follows a party of lost heroes as they band together to battle mythic foes, explore frightful new lands, and become the stuff of legend. Veteran film and TV performers Rachel Miner, Francis Capra, Jennifer Kretchmer, and Omar Najam adventure through fantastic fictions woven by Dungeon Master TJ Storm.

TJ Storm

TJ Storm is an American Action Actor and 7-time Martial Art Masters Hall of Fame Inductee: Storm is best known for his acting role as Maginty in Marvel’s Punisher: Warzone, and his Performance Capture work as Colossus in Deadpool, and Godzilla in Godzilla and as the Apex Predator in The Predator. Storm has also played Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man in Ant-Man as well Baby Groot, Teenage Groot, Rocket Raccoon and others. Storm has worked as a countless variety of other characters in films like Green Lantern, Avatar, and countless Video Games.

Storm has also appeared in the reboot of Kickboxer starring Dave Bautista and Jean Claude Van Damme as well as the soon to be released supernatural thriller, Revenger (on Netflix), and Betrayed. Storm has voiced several characters in Video Games and Animes: Including Marduk Tekken, Birdie in Street Fighter V, Strider Hiryu in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Edgemaster in Soul Caliber, Josh Stone in Resident Evil, Lucian in League of Legends, Agnus in Devil May Cry 4, and others....

TJ Storm was born in Indiana and raised in Hawaii.

Jennifer Kretchmer

Jennifer Kretchmer has been playing D&D for more than 17 years. She has appeared on numerous TTRPG shows including Monsters & Fables, which she also co-created and executive produces, Maze Arcana, GM Tips, SuperGeekedUp, and Saving Throw. Jen regularly speaks on Comic-Con panels about Tabletop RPGs and streams/tweets about DM technique and theory. In addition to being a professional DM and playing in several regular games, Jen works as a television producer (My Partner Knows Best, Let’s Make A Deal), actor (Dollhouse, Veronica Mars), and director, and is a consultant and advocate for disabled accessibility and inclusion in TTRPGs, conventions, and the entertainment industry.

Francis Capra

Francis Capra is a veteran of TV and film. With a career spanning more than two decades and credits ranging from A Bronx Tale to iZombie and The Strain. As a cast member from the very beginning, he can be seen this summer reprising his role as Weevil in Hulu’s series revival of Veronica Mars. When he’s not on camera, Francis is playing Magic: The Gathering, the Transformers TCG, or rolling dice.

Rachel Miner

Born in the forests of Oberon on a midsummers night, Rachel was classically trained in prancing and giggling at the prestigious, Nereus Academy of the Water Nymph.…She is also prone to lying in bios. Some evidence of her lying can be found in Bully, Hide, Penny Dreadful, Fear Itself, In Their Skin, NY-LON (UK version), Californication, Sons of Anarchy, and Supernatural, where she appears to be quite human, and possibly an actress. Also truth, she does live for, and love working as the Executive Director of Random Acts a global charity founded by Supernatural actor Misha Collins, which is focused on changing the world through kindness by funding and inspiring acts of kindness big and small.

Omar Najam

Omar Najam is a writer, director and avid rpg player from the bay area. After spending his childhood making no-budget horror movies and blockbuster parodies with his friends and brothers, he attended UCSB to study films, filmmaking and new media. Since then he has shot things for companies such as Geek&Sundry, DC Comics, BBC America, FOX, Disney XD and run campaigns over at HyperRPG and Saving Throw. He is also the GM of the improvised rpg podcast Thank You For Questing! In his spare time he reads comics, knits and plays with his cat Oliver Queen.