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About Misscliks D&D: Risen

Misscliks D&D: Risen is a new show led by Dungeon Master Nadja Otikor, who recently wrapped up her previous show Misscliks Prophecy. She’s joined by veteran players Kelly Link, Steven Lumpkin, Brit Weisman, and Neal G Erickson.

Nadja Otikor is in her second year of Dungeon Mastering. She has previously run Misscliks D&D: Prophecy, a homebrew campaign that ran from April 2015 to May 2016 that was her first experience with D&D fifth edition. She enjoys creating quirky NPCs and experimenting with different ways to do combat encounters.
Twitter: @trist_chi

Brit Weisman got her first taste of D&D as a cast member on Misscliks D&D: Prophecy. She played Xeesa, the gregarious dragonborn druid, and is excited to explore another character for Risen. She also loves to stream video games, and maintain her cats’ Instagram.
Twitter: @britweisman

Kelly Link is a host and streamer that has loved D&D since 2nd Edition. Kender are her favorite race! When not roleplaying, Kelly streams SMITE for Hi-Rez Studios.
Twitter: @hellokellylink

Steven Lumpkin is a game designer, dungeon master, and roleplayer. He has been in several tabletop RPG shows on Twitch, and has DMed for Misscliks, Rollplay, and is currently running games on his own channel
Twitter: @silent0siris

Neal Erickson is a streamer with a focus on D&D, especially 2nd Edition. He has DMed for such shows as: Rollplay, Misscliks, Hardcore Heroes and Dicing with Death. His daily stream involves campaign planning, cartography, and world building with the goal of inspiring other players and DMs to dig deeper into their characters and worlds.
Twitter: @koibu0

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