Learn by Play: Tomb of Annihilation the cast of Encounter Roleplay walk you through how best to tackle the latest D&D book. Each week taking on a different aspect of DMing & Playing, the cast will pause gameplay on the hour to answer questions and to analyse what's happening in the session. If you're a new DM, or simply looking for the best guide on tackling Chult, tune in to the show every Saturday at 3-6pm PT.

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Will Jones: Will is the creator of Encounter Roleplay, and commonly regarded as a D&D Sex Icon. With over twenty 24-hour RPG streams under his belt, Will plays more D&D than is considered healthy. Tune into Encounter Roleplay for daily D&D Livestreams & Podcasts.

Sydney Shields: Sydney has been a cast member on EncounterRoleplay for over 2 years. She is the DM of WanderQuest Podcast and a player on Turncloaks Podcast. She also makes YouTube videos for EncounterRoleplay as well as her own channel, Sydniac.

Jay Tallsquall: Tallsquall is a geeky Fitness and Cosplay addict who rediscovered D&D through Critical Role. When not on Encounter Roleplay can be found DMing weekly D&D game for charity on Twitch. Follow the adventures of The Vice.

Josh Mann: Wherever Josh walks, chaos is soon to follow. A cruel DM, and known to play untrustworthy rogues, Josh is a founding member of Encounter Roleplay.

Gregory Stangel: Husband, dad, writer, director, cast member and DM on Encounter Roleplay. He solves problems the 80s-Way with John Carpenter dialogue, a Kenny Loggins soundtrack & a toy line.

By day she is Chelsea. By night she is Little Red Dot—cosplayer, gamer, and D&D fanatic! When she is not DMing for Encounter Roleplay, she is a player for the North by North Quest podcast and builds cosplay on her Twitch channel. She believes that collaborative storytelling is the greatest art form.


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