About the HighRollers

The HighRollers are a group of UK-based D&D Streamers, partnered with the YouTube gaming network The Yogscast. Mark Hulmes, voice-over and YouTube creator, is the Dungeon Master and will be dragging his group of plucky and often-ridiculous adventurers into their highest level adventure yet!

The HighRollers

Mark Hulmes

Mark Hulmes: Dungeon Master for HighRollers. D&D fanatic, RPG Streamer & Actor. Makes a fabulous Bowsette.

Chris Trott

Chris Trott: Internet Personality known for being 1/3rd of the Youtuber/Streamer trio 'Hat Films' within the Yogscast family. Playing games (badly) & travel vlogging (excessively) for over 8 years!

Rhiannon Gower

Rhiannon Gower: Mother of plants & Plant Mother Sentry on HighRollersDnD! I do chill and chatty gaming streams over on twitch.tv/nattters.

Tom Hazell

Tom Hazell: Video Editor and all-round digital handy-man for The Yogscast, recent convert into the Twitch streaming universe. Rolls dice on the internet as part of the D&D stream High Rollers.

Katie Morrisson

Katie Morrisson: Rolling dice with High Rollers DnD for over 3 years with varying levels of success. Partially lives in a fantasy world as a Wild Elf Barbarian when not working in the gaming industry by day.


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