About Heroes of the Vale

Todd Kenreck

Todd Kenreck is the Content Director for D&D Beyond. He is the Dungeon Master for Heroes of the Vale, host of the D&D interview series Todd Talks, as well as the director for D&D Beyond's series of D&D lore and community videos. He is the perfect warlock and lives in Seattle with his wife Meagan and their puppy Fizzgig.

TJ Storm

TJ Storm is an American Action Actor and 7-time Martial Art Masters Hall of Fame Inductee: Storm is best known for his acting role as Maginty in Marvel’s Punisher: Warzone, and his Performance Capture work as Colossus in Deadpool, and Godzilla in Godzilla and as the Apex Predator in The Predator. Storm has also played Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War, Ant-Man in Ant-Man as well Baby Groot, Teenage Groot, Rocket Raccoon and others. Storm has worked as a countless variety of other characters in films like Green Lantern, Avatar, and countless Video Games.

Storm has also appeared in the reboot of Kickboxer starring Dave Bautista and Jean Claude Van Damme as well as the soon to be released supernatural thriller, Revenger (on Netflix), and Betrayed. Storm has voiced several characters in Video Games and Animes: Including Marduk Tekken, Birdie in Street Fighter V, Strider Hiryu in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Edgemaster in Soul Caliber, Josh Stone in Resident Evil, Lucian in League of Legends, Agnus in Devil May Cry 4, and others....

TJ Storm was born in Indiana and raised in Hawaii.

Hope Lavelle

Watching her older brother play D&D every week as a kid, Hope grew up with a strong fascination for the magic and grandeur of the game. When she finally started playing herself, she jumped right into the role of DMing, something that went hand in hand with her love of storytelling. 13 years later, and her passion for D&D has led her to become Penelope Half-Pint on D&D Beyond’s Heroes of the Vale. Adventuring with friends around a table transitioned quickly to endeavors as a filmmaker, actress, stunt performer, and motion capture performer. Hope has worked on projects including Fringe, Supernatural, and Chronicle, and has worked with companies including Disney, Nickelodeon, and Sony. She is currently the Producer at Fonco Studios.

Adam Bradford

Adam Bradford (aka BadEye) is the General Manager for D&D Beyond at Fandom. His passion for gaming started with The Legend of Zelda, but his first love has been Dungeons & Dragons for over two decades. He started DDB in 2017 and oversees the continued growth of the platform. Adam lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife, two sons, and his husky and bassador animal companions named Samson and Delilah.

Jennifer Kretchmer

Jennifer Kretchmer has been playing D&D for more than 17 years. She has appeared on numerous TTRPG shows including Monsters & Fables, which she also co-created and executive produces, Maze Arcana, GM Tips, SuperGeekedUp, and Saving Throw. Jen regularly speaks on Comic-Con panels about Tabletop RPGs and streams/tweets about DM technique and theory. In addition to being a professional DM and playing in several regular games, Jen works as a television producer (My Partner Knows Best, Let’s Make A Deal), actor (Dollhouse, Veronica Mars), and director, and is a consultant and advocate for disabled accessibility and inclusion in TTRPGs, conventions, and the entertainment industry.

Lauren "OboeCrazy" Urban

Lauren "OboeCrazy" Urban is a professional classical musician, performing on oboe and English horn all over the Seattle area. When she's not playing a bard in real life she's playing the role of the Community Manager for D&D Beyond. Along with DMing for Dungeon Drunks, she plays Roc the Aarakocra Rogue in The Demonplague on the Don't Split The Podcast network, and Orkira the Dragonborn Cleric on Heroes of the Vale for D&D Beyond. She also frequently runs and plays in Wizard of the Coasts Extra Life events along with numerous other D&D shows. Between oboe gigs and D&D shows Lauren spends what little free time she has playing video games and drinking tea with her husband.