Welcome to Founders and Legends II!

Tune in for the second annual livestreaming event, taking place Saturday, July 27 (Gary Gygax Day) on twitch.tv/garycon. Streaming live from noon to 10pm PT (with highlights and interviews beforehand), look for a trio of D&D games plus live music performances!

From Luke Gygax: "It is our time of the year to reflect back on the history of Dungeons & Dragons and pay our tributes to the men and women who have been pioneers of roleplaying games. The genre has since then evolved and so we are joined by dear friends and remarkable folks in the industry whose inspirations and influential works are owed to the game we all know and love."

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Extra Life

Extra Life is a charity organization D&D has been happy to be involved with since 2013, with the express purpose of driving donations to the Children's Hospitals Network. And for 2019, we’re continuing our livestreaming and other efforts to help drive even more donations! For starters, as part of Founders & Legends, we’ll be raising money in support of Extra Life.

Look for further details at the D&D Extra Life Team page, and please consider donating to the cause. You can also donate to any of the DMs and groups within the D&D Team—and if you want to raise money for kids this year by creating your own individual or sub team page, it's easy! The Extra Life site will guide you through the steps of registering. All donations that you and your sub team raises will help us reach our goal!

About the Organizer

Luke Gygax

Luke Gygax was fortunate enough to be born the son of Mary and Gary Gygax right about the time that D&D was being written at the family home on 330 Center Street in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He was raised around the gaming table playing Dungeons & Dragons, and many other fantastic games with his Dad and other pioneers of the roleplaying game industry. Luke playtested several of the iconic early AD&D modules as the character Melf, the elven fighter/magic-user that created the spells Melf's acid arrow and Melf's minute meteors. Luke is best known as the founder and driving force behind Gary Con, a memorial convention held in honor of his late father. However, Luke is also the author of several adventure game accessories including Legion of Gold (GW1), The Lost City of Gaxmoor, several Blighted Lands used in Gary Con D&D tournaments and a series of Adventurers' Leagure modules debuted at Gary Con IX: A Night To Remember, To Find A Way Out and Oh, We Are In It Now.

Luke is more than an avid gamer and member of the Gygax Family; he has over 28 years of service to our nation. He began his military career in 1989 when he enlisted as an infantryman in the U.S. Army. He is a veteran of Desert Storm and the Iraq War. Luke's awards include the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, and numerous others. He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff Officer's Course and is currently assigned full-time (AGR) as the Operations Officer for the 224th Sustainment Brigade in the California Army National Guard.

About D&D Team Participants

Chris Lindsay

Chris Lindsay is a Product Marketing Specialist for Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast where he works with the larger team to produce and market the tabletop RPG, and has been integral to the success of the fifth edition of the game. He is the architect for the Dungeon Masters Guild, and the head Dungeon Master for the D&D Adventurers League.

Kate Welch

Kate Welch is a game designer on Dungeons & Dragons. She plays Rosie Beestinger on Acquisition Incorporated's The "C" Team, Wednesdays from 4-7pm Pacific on twitch.tv/pennyarcade, and streams D&D video games on Welch's Game Juice, Thursday from 3-5pm Pacific on twitch.tv/dnd.


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