Every adventuring party needs a quest, and our quest is to help kids.

Members of the Dungeons & Dragons team and guests of Wizards of the Coast are returning this year to run the second annual D&D game marathon as part of Extra Life on October 25 – 26. Extra Life is a gaming event that raises funds for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Thousands of children are treated each year in these hospitals, regardless of their families' abilities to pay. These kids face much scarier threats than dragons and beholders.

Starting at 8 AM (Pacific) on Saturday, October 25th, the following team will livestream its participation on the D&D Twitch TV channel. The Dungeon Master, Greg Bilsland, will run a rotating group of players through Hoard of the Dragon Queen for 24 hours using the fifth edition D&D rules set. The game will conclude at 8 AM on Sunday, November 3.

Donors can contribute to different team members to grant them benefits before and during the game. Below is a play calendar along with full list of participants, as well as links to their Extra Life pages.

Visit the Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life page for more information on participating or contributing.

October 25 - October 26 8 AM - 12 PM 12 PM - 4 PM 4 PM - 8 PM 8 PM - 12 AM 12 AM - 4 AM 4 AM - 8 AM
Dungeon Master Greg Bilsland Greg Bilsland Greg Bilsland Greg Bilsland Greg Bilsland Greg Bilsland
Player Jeremy Petter Jeremy Petter Bill Doran Tara Theoharis James Wyatt Michael Robles
Player Tally Heilke Tally Heilke Kit Jensen Alexander Theoharis Andy Munich Andy Munich
Player Forest Gibson Gavin Verhey Chris Dupuis Emi Tanji Joe Louie Joe Louie
Player Liz Smith Mike Selinker Mike Selinker Rodney Thompson Rodney Thompson Thomas Ourada
Player Keith Baker Keith Baker Erin Evans Erin Evans Derek Guder Derek Guder

The Team

Greg Bilsland (Dungeon Master) is senior producer for Dungeons & Dragons and occasionally does other stuff too. Not very often, though.

Alexander Theoharis is an attorney, director of the web series Job Hunters and creator of the YouTube channel "Satire".

Andy Munich (The 8 Hour Gamer) is the Gaming Events Coordinator for GeekGirlCon. Andy lives in his own head, which is located in Seattle.

Bill Doran is a prop maker from the Seattle area. In his Punished Props shop, Bill builds awesome replica prop weapons for clients around the world!

Chris Dupuis is a game designer at Wizards of the Coast and has worked on a variety of board and card games. He likes rolling dice, shuffling cards, and keeping his character alive. 

Derek Guder is the event manager at Gen Con, juggling thousands of events each year. He also spends too much time playing games. He is definitely not the traitor.

Emi Tanji is one of the intrepid graphic designers on the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game. She also contributed to the design of the character sheet and the Adventurer’s League materials, and is the office’s resident Archfey.

Erin M. Evans is the author of The God Catcher, Brimstone Angels, and Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils, and The Adversary. Her newest novel is Fire in the Blood. She lives in Seattle with her husband and son.

Forest Gibson is a bard. He was born a bard. He will always be a bard—no matter how many times his character dies. He’s also an actor and producer in Job Hunters and an organizer for SpaceUp Seattle.

Gavin Verhey is a Game and Experience Designer for Magic: the Gathering. When he's not busy working, he makes costumes, throws themed parties, and plays D&D by using Magic cards.

Keith Baker is the creator of Eberron setting and designer of the Gloom card game. His appearance in this event is likely a conspiracy by the Dreaming Dark to secure a foothold in the Forgotten Realms, before proceeding to world domination.

James Wyatt has been playing D&D since 1979, professionally designing D&D material since 1997, and working at Wizards of the Coast since 2000.

Jeremy Petter, longtime member of comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun, is portrayed on-screen as a vindictive and incredulous DM. While no party has ever completed his infamous adventure, _The Temple of the Lava Bears_, this is primarily because he has never finished writing it.

Joe Louie is a professional Data Mage, amateur snake handler, in-progress game designer, inadequate twerker, and long time D&D player.  He makes no promises on any wish spells this year being better worded than last year’s.

Kit Jensen is a communications specialist at Xbox by day and co-director of the Comic Book Characters for Causes charity by night. She spends any remaining time working on awesome costumes, which would be much easier if she were just an ancient silver dragon and could polymorph at-will.

Liz Smith, also known as Dammit Liz, is an Event Producer working in pop culture and gaming. She is also proficient in owlbear wrangling, bulette riding, and speaks a smattering of Deep Speech. She was not involved in the writing of this bio.

Michael Robles, after several millennia imprisoned in an iron flask, has once again been unleashed on the world to sing karaoke and spread gaming mayhem. He is also a community manager at Microsoft and maintains a YouTube channel.

Mike Selinker is the president of the Seattle design studio Lone Shark Games. He's the co-designer of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Lords of Vegas, Unspeakable Words, and many other games, as well as the author of the interactive puzzle novel The Maze of Games. While at Wizards, he helped design and develop games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, Risk Godstorm, and Axis & Allies, and was a creative director on 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Rodney Thompson is a designer for the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game and the co-designer of the Lords of Waterdeep board game. Originally from Tennessee, Rodney has been working for Wizards of the Coast since 2007 and has over 100 professional game design credits.

Tally Heilke is an obsessively creative individual best known for her often geeky crafting (Piranha Plant flowers, Cthulhu tentacle pillows, MtG themed plushies and more) and her craft blog, Tally's Treasury. She is also a member of the organizational team of Desert Bus for Hope.

Tara Theoharis is the creator of GeekyHostess.com, a geeky party site. She produces the web series Job Hunters, helps out with geeky events in the Seattle area, and is Media Relations for Desert Bus 8.

Thomas Ourada grew up in rural Colorado as that kid that who read the entire Paladium Fantasy book (!), but never new anyone to play with. Since moving to Seattle, he's enjoyed getting into all venues of gaming, and making friends that love it as much as he does.

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