We kicked off the Summer of Annihilation with our HUGE live-streamed event on June 2nd, but that was just the beginning. Join us June 16th and 17th live from Origins as we delve into the very first D&D Adventurer’s League adventurers that introduce us to the story of Tomb of Annihilation, as well as the D&D Open, an eight-hour competitive event set in the jungles of Chult. Also, we’ll take a closer look at Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate with Shelly Mazzanoble, and interview the members of the D&D and Avalon Hill teams.

Ruty and Satine of Maze Arcana will be hosting the stream at twitch.tv/dnd and will even be joined by the lovely goblins from the Stream of Annihilation, played by Holly Conrad and Dani Hartel. Check below for the full schedule of streamed events and we’ll see you this weekend!

Friday June 16th, 1PM PT/4PM ET – Introduction to D&D at Origins

Starting things off we have an introduction to Origins with D&D Adventurers League guru Chris Lindsay, alongside Dave Christ, the bald man behind Baldman Games, before heading right into one of the two-hour adventurers playable at Origins this year.

Friday June 16th, 4PM PT/7PM ET – Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

Closing out the day, we’re joined by Shelly Mazzanoble to talk about Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate, the new D&D-Avalon Hill mashup releasing October 6th. Afterward we sit down with some people you may recognize from the D&D team and play. Who will be the traitor, and will we be forced to split the party?

Saturday June 17th, 11AM PT/2PM ET– The D&D Open

This is it, the big one. The signature D&D tournament. Our streaming table joins a hall full of adventurers as we all brave the challenges of The Lost Temples of Lake Luo in a race against time as we face vile monsters, diabolic puzzles, and inscrutable NPCs. The D&D Open runs until 11 PM, with a one hour break in the middle. Gear up and get ready for an epic adventure in the jungles of Chult!

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