About Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team

Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team is a weekly D&D stream featuring the journey of a group of franchisees, employed by none other than the renowned Acquisitions Incorporated: Faerûn’s premier adventuring brand. Under the watchful eye of Dungeon Master Jerry Holkins, these (mostly) merry heroes (at a discount) rampage across the land in search of fame, fortune, and scrupulously specific expense reports.

Jerry Holkins

Jerry Holkins is the co-founder of Penny Arcade, a webcomic that has grown into a creative empire encompassing books, videogames, podcasts, and more. He is also the co-creator of PAX, the largest consumer gaming conventions in North America and Australia.

In 2018, he published Lexcalibur, his first poetry collection which is now in its third printing. Jerry’s alter-ego is Omin Dran, the CEO and cleric of Acquisitions Incorporated, the beloved adventuring brand that brings tens of thousands of people to theaters across the country to witness friends around a table playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Amy Falcone

Amy Falcone is an illustrator, designer, and creative streamer living in the Emerald City. When she isn't playing in one of her D&D campaigns, or being sucked into whatever game they’ve ported to the Switch this week, she is creating new table top characters and obsessively drawing them. One time she was on a reality show for webcomic artists called Strip Search. Amy can mostly be found playing the shapeshifting Wood Elf Druid, Walnut Dankgrass.

Ryan Hartman

Ryan Hartman is the Vice President of Media & Events at Penny Arcade, a media company in Seattle, Washington. In this capacity, he oversees the running of PAX, the largest consumer gaming convention in North America, with over 500,000 attendees ever year. He is better known as fan-favourite Donaar Blit’zen, a dragonborn narcissist who moonlights as a paladin. In his increasingly limited free-time, Ryan is a writer, currently working on his first novel.

Kris Straub

Kris Straub is a cartoonist, writer, and humorist behind the comics Chainsawsuit, Broodhollow, and Starslip. He is a frequent Penny Arcade collaborator, responsible for the Acquisitions Incorporated animated intros at PAX. Kris' short horror story Candle Cove was adapted for TV in 2016 as the first season of SyFy's Channel Zero. Kris appears as the tentacularly spectacular drow warlock, K’thriss Drow’b.

Kate Welch

Kate Welch is the newest game designer on Dungeons & Dragons, a baby wizard if ever there was one. Previously, she worked as a designer for ArenaNet, Double Fine, and Amazon Game Studios. As one of the core members of Acquisitions Inc: The “C” Team, Kate plays the fiery lightfoot halfling monk, Rosie Beestinger.


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