2017 Conventions

Wizards of the Coast attends a number of gaming conventions each year and sponsors several others. At these events, players have a wide choice of D&D play opportunities, some of which are unique to the convention experience. In addition, conventions are a great place to try new games, meet new gamers, and possibly run into a gaming celebrity!

Where You Can Find the D&D Team

Here’s a list of the conventions we’ll be attending in 2017:

Cons: PAX South

Jan 27-29, 2017 PAX South

Join us for Acquisitions Incorporated, live for the first time from sunny San Antonio!

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Con: Winter Fantasy

Feb 1-5, 2017 Winter Fantasy

Featuring unique D&D Adventurers League sessions, with loot and magic items you can’t get anywhere else!

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Cons: PAX East

Mar 10-12, 2017 PAX East

The premier, three-day game festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers, taking place in Boston, MA.

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Con: Gary Con

Mar 23-26, 2017 Gary Con

Held every March in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Gary Con honors the memory of the Father of Role Playing Games, E. Gary Gygax.

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Origins Game Fair

Jun 14-18, 2017 Origins Game Fair

Join tabletop gamers from across the world as they gather in Columbus, Ohio to play Dungeons & Dragons!

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Cons: PAX West

Sep 1-4, 2017 PAX West

Taking place in Seattle, PAX West hosts dedicated TRPG gaming, panels, and the annual D&D Live Game featuring Acquisitions Inc.

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Con: HasCon

Sep 9-10, 2017 HasCon

Join us for the debut of a new convention event focusing on all of Hasbro's brands!

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Con: Gamehole Con

Nov 2-5, 2017 Gamehole Con

Join us at the largest tabletop gaming convention in the upper Midwest!

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