Join the Adventure


Gather your party and do your best, adventure together on an epic quest. Ready to adventure together? Take the quiz to find out which of the NERDS you'd be on the journey!

Question 1 of 7
Your favorite color tastes like it's…
You hear of an adventure brewing! How do you convince the party to take you along?
During the journey, your new companions ask you to describe yourself in one word. What do you choose?
You've been caught! Guilty as charged for…
After aiding a powerful sorcerer they grant you the ability to change all grass in the world to anything of your choosing. What do you replace it with?
Having narrowly escaped the dangers of your journey, you reveal that all along you had this power guiding you:
Congratulations on completing your quest! What mythical creature do you ride into the sunset?

Meet the Party

Pink the Rogue

Meet Pink the Rogue!


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