The siren’s call of adventure beckons from the magical San Antonio and Dungeons & Dragons answers. This year D&D will be joining the party at PAX South with a few notable entries!

Storytime with Chris Perkins – Friday the 27th | 10:30 AM CST | Main Theatre
Streamed live at

Chris Perkins is, at root, a storyteller - which makes him perfect for PAX South's Storytime.  As the Principal Story Designer for Dungeons & Dragons, his stories become places that you and your friends can live in.  As the Dungeon Master for the players of Acquisitions Incorporated and many, many others, he's entertained hundreds of thousands over the years. Now Chris pulls back the DM screen to share the tale of his life and the adventure of creating stories for Dungeons & Dragons!

Binwin’s Minions – Friday the 27th | 5:30 PM CST | Cactus Theatre

Binwin Bronzebottom is looking for a few good adventurers to help acquire all the loot from the Ruined Keep of Ikillyah. Chris Perkins will run a live D&D game with Table Titans creator Scott Kurtz (Binwin Bronzebottom) along with our first set of foolish brave adventurers! Our cast of minions include Tavis Maiden (Tenko King, Binwin's Minions), and Bill Roper (known for his design and production work on the Warcraft, Starcraft, & Diablo franchises, and former VP at Disney Interactive), plus some super-secret surprise minions!

Live Acquisitions Inc – Saturday the 28th | 2 PM CST | Main Theatre
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That’s right, AI is coming to PAX South! Chris Perkins joins Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Patrick Rothfuss, and returning-intern Morgan Webb for the newest Acquisitions Incorporated adventure. After their recent “success” against the giants and Dran Enterprises, the Acquisitions Incorporated heroes find themselves in dire need of some coin. With no new ventures on the horizon, it’s time to head to the Yawning Portal, one of the greatest taverns of all time, and hunt down some rumors of lost treasure!

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