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Seldom is the name of Vecna spoken except in a hushed voice. Vecna was, in his time, one of the mightiest of all wizards who forged a great empire through dark magic and conquest. For all his power, Vecna couldn’t escape his own mortality. He began to fear death and take steps to prevent his end from ever coming about.

Orcus, the demon prince of undeath, taught Vecna a ritual that would allow him to live on as a lich. Beyond death, he became the first and greatest of all liches. Even though his body gradually withered and decayed, Vecna continued to expand his evil dominion.

So formidable and hideous was his temper that his subjects feared to speak his name. He was the Whispered One, the Master of the Spider Throne, the Undying King, and the Lord of the Rotted Tower. Some say that Vecna’s lieutenant Kas coveted the Spider Throne for himself, or that the sword his lord made for him seduced him into rebellion. Whatever the reason, Kas brought the Undying King’s rule to an end in a terrible battle that left Vecna’s tower a heap of ash.

Of Vecna, all that remained were one hand and one eye, grisly artifacts that still seek to work the Whispered One’s will in the world.


Vecna's spirit survived his physical destruction, spending eons languishing across the planes and slowly gathering power from the surviving members of his cults.

Through his vile artifacts—the Eye and Hand of Vecna—his evil continues corrupting others.

His cults and dark secrets, still scattered across existence, corrupt anyone foolish or ignorant enough to find them.

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