Legends & Lore

Learn more about the fabulous wizard from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

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Tasha is a powerful archmage with one of the most storied lives in the D&D multiverse. Raised in the Feywild by Baba Yaga, the Mother of Witches herself, Tasha adventured across the world of Greyhawk and became the ally and enemy of many famous adventurers, including Mordenkainen. In time, Tasha even ruled as the Witch Queen and went by many names, most notably Iggwilv, a figure of legend.

Tasha has put several lifetimes of knowledge into the creation of well-known spells such as Tasha’s hideous laughter and Tasha’s otherworldly guise, and as the author of the Demonomicon of Iggwilv.

Various Travels

During her interplanar travels, Tasha sought out mysteries and wonders, spending much of her time in the City of Greyhawk. Never one to judge, Tasha’s travels have led her to consort with creatures from all over the multiverse; most notably the Outer Planes, as she often manipulated demons and demon lords into granting her power.

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