Sleep sound in the darkness, or burn in the light alone.

This is the terrible choice laid before the young drow elf Drizzt Do’Urden. Remain in the underground cult of Lolth in which he was raised—and knows in his heart is evil—or rebel and be hunted by goddess and family alike.

This is the legend of Drizzt: a drow elf escaping the shadows of Lolth to forge a path up to the light. A hero who is following the compass of his conscience into the blinding world above, and hoping it will lead him to people worthy of his sacrifice.

Drizzt Do’Urden

Drizzt Do'Urden defied an evil goddess and her cult, fleeing the Underdark for freedom aboveground. This drow elf ranger and his companions now defend the surface world from any—rogue wizards, tyrants, even gods—who would harm it.

The shadow of the vicious goddess Lolth looms over Drizzt’s life. As the extraneous third son of her high priestess, he was pledged as a sacrifice at birth—and only a twist of fate saved him. Burning with rebellion, Drizzt escaped the Underdark… and his family will never forgive him.


Drizzt is now building a life of purpose alongside his loyal and trusted friends: the Companions of the Hall. Whether he’s wielding his magic scimitars—Icingdeath and Twinkle—against an adversary, or tactically solving an unwinnable scenario, Drizzt relishes meeting any worthy challenge.

The surface world is filled with dangers and wonders. With allies like the Companions at his side, Drizzt faces them all with an ardent heart and ready blades.


Deep in the Underdark lies the city of Menzoberranzan, stronghold of the cult of Lolth. This Udadrow society has become corrupted by the malicious goddess, who teaches them to despise all outsiders.


The subterranean City of Spiders is the bastion of the Udadrow: drow elves who became tainted by Lolth’s insidious teachings. Udadrow society values ruthlessness, obedience, and a burning hatred of surface dwellers. Menzoberranzan’s young warriors raid surface villages, proving their worth by how many elves they destroy.

It was once widely believed that all drow elves lived belowground and worshipped Lolth. But truths that have long been buried are now beginning to come to light...

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