Devious serpent folk devoid of compassion, yuan-ti manipulate other creatures by arousing their doubts, evoking their fears, and elevating and crushing their hopes. From remote temples in jungles, swamps, and deserts, the yuan-ti plot to supplant and dominate all other races and to make themselves gods.

The yuan-ti build their massive temples in lands inhospitable to other peoples. Humanoid emotions are likewise foreign to most yuan-ti, which understand sentiment only as an exploitable weakness. A yuan-ti views the world and the events of its own life with such extreme pragmatism that it is nearly impossible to manipulate, influence, or control by mundane means, even as it seeks to control other creatures through terror, pleasure, and awe.

A yuan-ti lets its silent, inhuman presence terrorize the humanoids it fights, granting it a killing edge. As intricately as yuan-ti plot the rise and fall of civilizations, they plan elaborate traps in battle, taking advantage of their surroundings with tactical prowess. Yuan-ti leaders are cunning and ruthless tacticians who readily sacrifice lesser yuan-ti if potential victory justifies such losses. They have no sense of honorable combat and strike first in decisive ambush if they can.

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