Storm Giants

Storm giants live in isolated refuges so far above the surface of the world or below the sea that they are beyond the reach of most other creatures. Some make their abodes in cloud-top castles so high that flying dragons appear as specks below. Others live atop mountain peaks that pierce the clouds. Some occupy palaces covered with algae and coral at the bottom of the ocean, or grim fortresses in undersea rifts.

Storm giants see the events of the world in a wide perspective. They can foretell the rise and fall of kings and empires, see the beginnings and ends of fortune and disaster, and find the patterns within seemingly unrelated events. By reading omens and prophesying, storm giants learn of vast secrets previously unknown and troves of lore utterly forgotten.

Storm giants communicate infrequently with others of their kind. They do so usually to compare signs and omens or engage in a rare courtship. Storm giant parents stay together to raise a child to maturity, then return to the solitary isolation they cherish.

Storm Giants Across the Editions

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