Across the wild vistas of the Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo, bits of forest and meadow, ruined castles, and isolated islands drift through a tumultuous miasma of fire, water, earth, and wind. The only creatures native to this inhospitable realm are the batrachian slaadi, which thrive in the chaotic torrent of elements that swiftly annihilates travelers unaccustomed to this constantly transmuting plane.

Slaadi devour their kills and have horrific cycles of reproduction and transformation. Slaadi reproduce either by implanting humanoid hosts with eggs or by infecting them with a transformative disease called chaos phage. Each color of slaad reproduces or transforms in a different way, with red slaadi spawning blue and green slaadi, and blue slaadi spawning red and green. Each green slaad undergoes a lifelong cycle of transformation into the more powerful gray, death, white, and black slaadi.

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