Kuo-toa are sadistic, degenerate fish-like humanoids that once inhabited the shores and islands of the surface world. Long ago humans and their ilk drove the kuo-toa underground, where they dwell in madness and eternal night.

Over the millennia that these creatures have adapted to life in the subterranean rivers and lakes spread through the Underdark. Where once they swam beneath the sun, kuo-toa cannot abide daylight now, and they never come to the surface world. Their fish-like heads bulge with silver-black eyes that sense motion and pressure, always watching for drow, troglodytes, and the illithids that once enslaved their race.

One of the most revered gods of the kuo-toa is Blibdoolpoolp the Sea Mother, who takes the form of a female human with a lobster head, a lobster’s claws, and an articulated shell covering her shoulders.

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