Drow (Dark Elf)

Tens of thousands of years ago, the elves were divided, with those of benevolent disposition battling those that were selfish and cruel. The war among elvenkind ended when the good elves banished their malevolent kin to the subterranean depths. Here, in the lightless caverns and endless warrens of twisting passages, the dark elves—the drow—found refuge. They also found leadership in the only elven deity who had not forsaken them. At her command, the dark elves built an empire in the underworld.

The dark elves build fantastic cities in enormous caverns where food and water are abundant. Their ability to sculpt stone rivals that of the greatest dwarf artisans, yet their structures retain a decidedly elven aesthetic. Though appearing delicate, drow settlements are structurally sound and remarkably resilient. The drow like to hollow out enormous stalagmites and stalactites, creating populated spires that rise from the floors and ceilings of their subterranean vaults. A drow city is a sprawling metropolis enclosed by high walls to keep enemies out, and is home to thousands of dark elves.

Although the drow profess to be the noble, rightful rulers of the Underdark, most are interested only in personal power and their own survival. Drow society is cutthroat, and its politics are rife with intrigue. When drow work together, it is typically to destroy a common foe and ensure their own survival. However, such alliances are short lived and fraught with peril.

The drow worship Lolth, a deity who resides in the Abyss. Known as the Spider Queen or the Demon Queen of Spiders, she is the figure around which the dark elves have built their subterranean civilization. Whatever she demands, the drow do.

Drow Across the Editions

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