Elf Wizard

Faction: The Harpers

Birthplace: Evermeet

Goals: Re-learn her lost magic without letting it control her, return to Evermeet, and make amends for her past misdeeds.

Quirks: Occasionally remembers higher-level spells she once knew, but only for a short time as the memories fade quickly. Also likes making other people angry to disarm them and humor herself.

Quote: “Take it from a master: We all make mistakes.”

Nymmestra (“Nym”) was born on the island of Evermeet, which drifts between Faerûn and the Feywild and is accessible only to those who know the secret pathways that a star-guided ship must sail. In Evermeet, Nym was a privileged heir to House Durothil, a gold elf dynasty with long ties to the royal line and a legacy of great generals and high mages. Nym aspired to become a famous wizard and studied for decades at the Towers of Sun and Moon, but in truth she was a “wild child” more interested in partying than mastering the Art.

On what would become the last of many outings to Taltempla, the City of Magic, Nym overindulged in evermead (as was her wont). In her drunkenness, she sparked an arcane duel with not one but three other wizards. Despite her intoxicated condition, she bested all three, inadvertently dealing a grievous injury to one of them. Her family could not protect her from this latest indiscretion and demonstration of poor judgment. Nym was banished from Evermeet and sent to the Sword Coast for a century to learn humility and to gain wisdom.

Nym eventually landed in Silverymoon, where she continued to behave badly. The “wild wizard” became a known figure at court, and she was arrested and brought before Lord Taern “Thunderspell” Hornblade. Thunderspell knew he was dealing with a member of House Durothil, so rather than banish her from the city, he attached magical bracers to Nym’s wrists that permanently erased all memory of her magical studies. It was a humbling experience that aggravated Nym to no end. She spent months searching for a means to undo the magic, and, in the course of her research, met several wizards and bards. Quite accidentally, she found herself creating a network of friends and discovered that she was learning a great deal more about magic and the world. She also found a way to focus her energy that was, shall we say, less self-destructive. Eventually, without even trying, she had won the confidence of the High Harper in Silverymoon, who told her the Harper mantra: magic is a form of power, and power is dangerous in the wrong hands. Nym realized that she would have to learn the Art again from scratch, only this time she intends to do so wisely. She still wears the bracers, now bereft of magic, as a reminder of what she can accomplish if she behaves herself.

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