Isteval was born in the rustic town of Eveningstar, in the bright kingdom of Cormyr. As a teenager, Isteval joined the Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr. His duties as a knight of the realm were always tempered with his dedication to justice, righteousness, and compassion. Dedicated to extending the reach of law and good beyond Cormyr’s borders, he slew orcs by the dozens in the Stonelands, fought Zhentarim mercenaries on the western frontier, and drove back a Sembian raid through the Thunder Gap. ...

As his power grew, he began to see the need for a different kind of knight. Over the course of a long career, he led no less than three adventuring companies dedicated to spreading Cormyr's vision of law and good into the Western Heartlands, the corrupt Moonsea, and the Vilhon Wilds. However, as his third company ventured into the Winterwood, they stumbled upon an ancient green dragon. Unprepared for such an encounter, the adventurers barely managed to drive the dragon away, but not before Isteval had suffered a grievous injury that shattered his left leg.

Though he is no longer able to fight as he did in his youth, Isteval seeks to bring together a new, great company of brave souls to carry on his legacy, to preserve his vision for future generations. Across Faerûn, his former associates share their fond memories of Isteval and his dream. His wounded leg means that Isteval's greatest quests now lie behind him, but he has never lost his vision of a better world coming with a new dawn. In these days of trials and chaos, Isteval sees the birth-pangs of a new age, and believes against all evidence and reason that it will bring unprecedented peace and prosperity. Though many trials yet lie ahead, he is convinced that at the end of his journey is a far fairer place.



Five factions stand firm against the tyranny of dragons, but each calls to the heart of a different kind of hero.

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