Like all dark elves, Drizzt has white hair, but his lavender eyes—which gleam with feral light before he wades into battle—set him apart from most drow.

Having run from his home in the City of Spiders, Drizzt comes to the World Above a renegade, a stranger in a land where his kind are seen—rightfully so—as evil beings from a world of darkness and evil. Though he lived for some time in a cave on the slopes of Kelvin’s Cairn, he eventually found a home with his friends in the dwarven city of Mithral Hall—and for the longest time, was sure he was the only drow living on the surface.

A man of integrity and honor, Drizzt flies in the face of everything it means to be a drow. Though he is born in a city where treachery is the rule of the day, Drizzt tries to keep his word, however dangerous it might be for him. More than a paradigm of honor and integrity, Drizzt is also an excellent deductive thinker, with a steady, logical mind that never folds under pressure, though he will sometimes rely on instincts in critical situations.

On a day-to-day basis, Drizzt is a stoic, calm, and serious individual, but he’s always thinking—thinking about his place in the world, the value of his friendships, and the truth of his elf’s longevity that will see him outlive all of his closest friends.


You can read more about Drizzt and his companions and adversaries (including Bruener Battlehammer and Jarlaxle) in the following novels, listed below in narrative order:

The Dark Elf Trilogy: Homeland, Exile, Sojourn

The Icewind Dale Trilogy: The Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, The Halfling's Gem

Legacy of the Drow: The Legacy, Starless Night, Siege of Darkness, Passage to Dawn

Paths of Darkness: The Silent Blade, The Spine of the World, Sea of Swords

The Sellswords: Servant of the Shard, Promise of the Witch King, Road of the Patriarch

The Hunter's Blades Trilogy: The Thousand Orcs, The Lone Drow, The Two Swords

Transitions: The Orc King, The Pirate King, The Ghost King

Neverwinter Saga: Gauntlgrym, Neverwinter, Charon's Claw, The Last Threshold

The Sundering: The Companions

Companions Codex: Night of the Hunter, Rise of the King, Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf

Homecoming: Archmage, Maestro, Hero



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