Dwarf Cleric

Faction: The Order of the Gauntlet

Birthplace: The Great Rift

Goals: Follow the will of Gorm Gulthyn, and lay low the enemies of dwarvenkind.

Quirks: Cannot abide rust and fastidiously keeps her armor and weapons polished, likes to smoke, and occasionally has conversations with a gem in her possession.

Quote: “Love is like an axe through the heart.”

Barrowin Undurr is a proud daughter of Clan Undurr and a devout follower of Gorm Gulthyn, the dwarven god of vigilance and duty. She spent fifteen years in the city of Ironmaster, in Icewind Dale, overseeing and protecting her family’s investment in the city’s lucrative mining operations. However, she saw little action and feared that her talents were being squandered. Barrowin sent messages to her family requesting reassignment, in the hopes that her battle prowess and faith could be tested on other fronts. She also prayed to Gorm. Her petitions were ignored, but her prayers were answered.

Barrowin found a kindred spirit in Storn Skulldark, a brash and wealthy shield dwarf whose fortunes and political influence in Ironmaster had risen steadily. Where Storn went, Barrowin followed, and she made him forget about the bitter, lonely winters of the savage North. Their dream was to build a fortress on the western fringe of the Spine of the World, to help defend the pass connecting Icewind Dale and Neverwinter, and together they set out to fulfill this dream.

Storn and Barrowin were thwarted at every turn. Storn’s gold was “misplaced” in Ironmaster, and his influence there waned quickly after his departure. The dwarves he’d hired to build the fortress were unhappy with Storn’s leadership, and many of them disappeared when the gold stopped arriving. The winters were especially cruel, and an avalanche set them back by several months. Leaving Barrowin behind, Storn traveled back to Ironmaster to track down his missing wealth, but he never made it home. A white dragon ambushed his retinue and carried Storn away. Barrowin never saw her true love again.

Loneliness gnaws at Barrowin, but she tells herself that her life with Storn “was not meant to be.” Ironmaster holds too many bad memories. Although she may never know true love again, she has won new friends within a budding organization called the Order of the Gauntlet, which vigilantly guards against the rise of evil in all its forms. Above all, Barrowin respects the Order’s devotion and vigilance. She now believes that Gorm Gulthyn has chosen her as his emissary, and that the Order of the Gauntlet might be what the dwarven god of vigilance had in store for her all along. Only time will tell.

Factions -- Order of the Gauntlet

Factions Order of the Gauntlet

"When evil strikes, we strike back."

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