Human Fighter

Faction: The Lords’ Alliance

Birthplace: Waterdeep

Goals: Bring some much-needed honor to his name, find a new family to call his own, and protect it to his dying day.

Quirks: Surprisingly thoughtful and fatherly, great at mimicking voices and accents, good with instruments and languages, and won’t chop down a living tree.

Quote: “You don’t want to pick a fight with me, friend.”

Alaeros Margaster hails from Waterdhavian nobility. Kidnapped at age nine by Luskanite pirates and sold into slavery, he was rescued by agents of the Lords’ Alliance (along with several other important captives) and delivered to his family estate in Neverwinter, where he was left in the care of a ruthless uncle named Orn, who saw fit to tell Alaeros that his parents never wanted him. Even at a young age, Alaeros knew that the Margaster name was more of a burden than a privilege. By all accounts, the Margasters were terrible people, willing to do anything to save their noble house from financial ruin and disgrace. They had borrowed large sums of money from the Black Network, and with the Margaster patriarch dying of old age in Waterdeep, his descendants were tearing each other to pieces over a paltry inheritance. Alaeros received no familial support; when he turned fifteen, he joined the local militia and learned how to wield a sword. A tall and powerful man, he literally stood head and shoulders above the rabble and had few rivals. Although thoughtful and quick-witted, he liked being a soldier and quietly reveled in his uncle’s disapproval.

Alaeros’s superiors resented his aristocratic bearing and saw fit to punish him without warrant. When he refused to be cowed, they accused the red-haired giant of stealing, going so far as to plant a coin-filled purse in his footlocker to support their accusations. The Margaster name was enough to keep Alaeros out of prison, but he was drummed out of the militia. Stinging from the disgrace, Orn Margaster ordered Alaeros back to Waterdeep, but Alaeros never made it home. Instead, he wandered the northern Sword Coast as a sword-for-hire, refusing to wear his family crest (a stylized green dragon) or embrace any of his family’s noble trappings. He idolized the freedom of the rural Northlanders and chose to dress and act like one after befriending a few of them.

One rainy summer, Alaeros and one of his Northlander companions were chased by a mob of goblinoids into a forest and hunted like bears. Alaeros’s friend did not survive, and Alaeros broke his sword after a nasty fall. However, he found an axe embedded in a gnarled tree. He pulled the weapon free, awakening the old tree, which was in fact a treant. The treant threatened to harm Alaeros but then agreed to help him defeat the goblinoids. Months later, Alaeros put the axe (which he named “Chopper”) to good use helping three travelers slay a wandering troll. Alaeros recognized one of the travelers as the very man who bore him from Luskan to Neverwinter years earlier. Having repaid the favor, Alaeros was invited to accompany the travelers back to Neverwinter. He declined at first but quickly changed his mind, intrigued by what the Lords’ Alliance stood for, eager to give Neverwinter a second chance, ready to turn the Margaster name into something other than a curse, and determined to see the look on his uncle’s miserable face.

Factions -- Lords' Alliance

Factions Lords' Alliance

“Threats to home must be terminated without prejudice. Fight for the security and glory of your people!”

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