The Black Earth

Members of this cult seek to harness the power of Ogrémoch, the Prince of Evil Earth, and ravage the world with earthquakes, sinkholes, and landslides. They use magic to burrow underground and prefer subterranean life. Members of the Cult of the Black Earth are stubborn, set in their ways, and slow to act, but once they decide on a plan to deal with an enemy, they follow it through without hesitation.


Marlos Urnrayle, Earth Prophet

Marlos Urnrayle squandered his assets, turning his magnificent stone manse into a den of hedonism. He made guests wear gargoylish masks to hide their own beauty, thus accentuating his. When his looks began to fade, he turned to magic to preserve his beauty, purchasing a ring containing the life force of a lovely fey creature. As long as he wore the ring, it removed any hint of physical imperfection and made others swoon in his presence. One day, without warning, the ring transformed Urnrayle into a medusa. The horror of the transformation drove him mad. Eventually, he was forced to abandon his home, taking his collection of gargoyle masks with him.

Urnrayle likes to smash his petrified victims to pieces, except for their horrified faces, which he preserves so that he can revel in their expressions of surprise and terror. The medusa has also attracted a gang of loyal followers, including a gang of gargoyles and a coterie of female human monks with earth-shattering fists and faces hidden behind scowling golden gargoyle masks.


Ogrémoch, Prince of Evil Earth, Tyrant of the Black Earth, the Mountain of Doom

Ogrémoch is a bully that desires nothing more than to crush and subjugate whomever he encounters. What he cannot crush, he endures and outlasts. His natural form is a walking mountain of rock with crystal formations embedded throughout and glittering diamond eyes.

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