Rath Modar: Future Zulkir of Illusion

Male Thayan Human: Rath Modar is an ambitious Red Wizard of Thay with a reputation for deception and obfuscation, as befits his association with the school of illusion. He has a keen interest in ancient civilizations and lost objects of power, and remains a key player in the alliance with the cult.

Rath has no special affinity for dragons; hence, he relies on the leaders of the Cult of the Dragon to raise Tiamat’s temple and usher the evil dragon queen into the world. Once they have succeeded, he believes Tiamat will have no further use for them and plans to forge a Thayan alliance with her.

The Red Wizards’ attempt to overthrow Szass Tam and re-establish schools of magic creates turmoil in Thay. Rath Modar, a powerful illusionist, has been exiled to the Sword Coast for his suspected involvement in the plot. Long fascinated with dragons, he decides that his revenge for this humiliation will be to return to Thay with an army of dragons and become the supreme ruler of Thay himself. In his stronghold on the Sword Coast, Rath Modar immerses himself in the history of dragons, their ancient civilizations, and their lost relics. He’s particularly interested in Tiamat and her legacy.

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