Galvan: Blue Dragon Whisperer

Male Thayan Human: Galvan has been with the cult longer than Severin, and he’s well respected among the cultists. Most of his knowledge of dragons has been acquired through archeology and dealing with dracoliches, but he is an excellent “dragon whisperer” and thinks very much like a scheming blue dragon. He’s also Talis’s mentor and sees Severin as a man of great vision and destiny, and thus would never act against him.

Galvan was born in Thay. He had aspirations to be a Red Wizard, but wasn’t skilled enough. He maintains connections with Red Wizards, and he’s the link between the two organizations. There’s a secret family connection with him and Rath Modar, the Red Wizard who is leading the search for the dragon masks. (Galvan hates Valindra’s dragon orb. He wants it destroyed or given to Tiamat.)

Galvan knows that the Cult of the Dragon is its own worst enemy sometimes, and that there are members who reject Severin’s leadership and cling to outdated philosophies and ideologies.

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