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Monstrous Compendium - Volume One: Spelljammer Creatures

A collection of 10 monsters from across the D&D multiverse—from iconic, to forgotten, to brand-new. Each volume brings a handful of new monsters to your library. Collect 'em all at D&D Beyond!

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Can I still use my existing Wizards Account to access Monstrous Compendium - Volume 1?

You can create a D&D Beyond account and link it to your Wizards account. Create a D&D Beyond Account (or log in to your existing D&D Beyond Account) in order to access this digital content. You can now find the Monstrous Compendium - Volume 1 on D&D Beyond here.

What about future digital content?

Future digital content will now be offered through D&D Beyond.

Where can I find out more about the change of D&D Beyond ownership?

Initial announcement details can be found here. Further details on the ownership changes can be found here.

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