Regarding this weekend’s PAX West Live D&D Game, and copies of Cloud Giant's Bargain.

Dear D&D fans,

My name is Nathan Stewart; I have the distinct pleasure to be Senior Director of Dungeons & Dragons. I don’t often post articles because folks like Mike Mearls, Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, etc. do a fantastic job of it and I know they’re who you mainly want to hear from. I am, however, involved in all aspects of the franchise (and a true fan of D&D since I was twelve years old).

We just finished up a great PAX West here in Seattle (and I’d love to extend our sincere thanks to everyone able to attend and take part in the festivities). As part of the convention, we held a live D&D game on stage led by Dungeon Master Chris Perkins. Many of our fans watch these Acquisitions Incorporated events every PAX, and know and love these characters. This year, we tried something new by partnering with Fathom Events to broadcast the game to movie theaters across the U.S. People could watch on the big screen along with their friends even if they couldn’t be here in Seattle.

As part of the experiment, we also created an exclusive adventure, Cloud Giant’s Bargain, to be given out to everyone who purchased a ticket. Unfortunately, we’ve had reports of attendees unable to get their copy of the adventure because some theaters didn’t receive their shipments in time. Anyone who did not receive their copy of the adventure should contact Wizards of the Coast Customer Service (at or Contact Customer Support) and provide an image of the ticket stub from the event in order to schedule a delivery of Cloud Giant’s Bargain.

We do apologize, and as always remain thankful for your continued support of Dungeons & Dragons.

Nathan Stewart