The new Wizards Account System makes it easier for you to access and manage many of your existing accounts with Wizards of the Coast, including your DCI, Planeswalker Points, customer support, and community forum accounts. Existing account holders will have the opportunity to unify their accounts under a single Login ID and Password whenever they login.

What Is It?

1. One account: The new Wizards Account System provides a simplified and streamlined way to access and manage your DCI number, Planeswalker Points, account information, and more at any time online, with just one Login ID and one password.

You can sign up from anywhere, even on your smartphone—all you need is internet access to

2. Instant DCI number: Whether you are creating a new account or unifying existing accounts, you can be done in less than a minute. All new accounts automatically receive a DCI number for use in officially sanctioned Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons events.

3. Go paperless with digital DCI cards: Now you can get a digital image of your personalized DCI card right on your smartphone device. With this feature, you won't have to worry about trying to remember to bring a paper card with you to events.

4. Cool art for your DCI card: The new Wizards Account System lets you print your personalized DCI card and choose a fantastic art piece from Magic or Dungeons & Dragons as the card's image.

Who Does This Affect?

If you have an existing account or accounts, you will be able to migrate them to the new Wizards Account System, while keeping everything you've already earned, even if you combine multiple accounts.

The groups who will benefit from the new Wizards Account System include:

  • Any player with an existing DCI number who participates in officially sanctioned events, like Friday Night Magic and D&D Encounters
  • Any player who tracks their play history, progress, and achievements using Planeswalker Points
  • Any player who would like to combine multiple DCI numbers
  • Any player who received a temporary DCI card at a store or event and would like to claim their DCI number or associate it with their primary Wizards Account
  • Users of our community website and forums
  • Anyone who would like to contact our game and retail support teams
  • Subscribers of Dungeon & Dragons Insider
  • Retail partners who want to join the Wizards Play Network (WPN)

Basically, if you play Magic or Dungeon & Dragons, you probably want to get a Wizards Account. And if you fall into any of the above categories, merging all of your existing accounts into one, singular Wizards Account is easy and it allows you to keep everything you've already earned.

How Do I Get Started?

If you don’t currently have any kind of account with Wizards of the Coast, signing up is easy. Simply go to and follow the instructions.

For players with an existing account from the following list, simply login to one of them with your current login information:

Once logged in you will be prompted to migrate that account to the Wizards Account System. This process should take less than a minute. All Planeswalker Points, achievements, and other activity associated with your account will continue to be part of your account, even when combining multiple accounts.

Once your account has been migrated, you will then have the option to combine additional accounts from your account profile page at

Please note that the following types of accounts are not integrated into the new Wizards Account System at this time, so please continue logging into them the way you have been:

  • Magic Online
  • Judge Center
  • Wizards Event Reporter (WER)

What If I Have More Questions?

If you still have questions, please visit our FAQ Pages linked below.