Introducing the Val & Beholder Vinyl -- available for pre-purchase!

Grab on to your Bag of Holding! We’ve partnered with Table Titans and WeLoveFine to bring you a new vinyl figure that’s not so mini. Designed by Scott Kurtz and Concept Artist Victoria Ying, this figure, featuring Table Titans’ fierce female player Val as her favorite playable character “Val the Barbarian,” embodies everything that players have come to love about Dungeons & Dragons. From her sly look back at her fallen enemies to the casual way she poses with her axe, this figure not only captures the personality of the character, but also the shared dedication to the game that every D&D group feels when they gather around the table to play.

Val is originally posed with a Dungeons & Dragons Beholder, but customers who pre-purchase the first edition of this figure from will also receive an exclusive Mimic Piece, which can be swapped out with the Beholder with ease. “Val & Beholder” measures approximately 5” tall, and the first 1200 units are expected to ship in late March.

This figure is currently available for pre-purchase on for $75.00.

Pre-pruchase your Val & Beholder now!